By Refugees for Refugees. 

The refugee talk-show

RePLead HK Organises bi-monthly Reftalk to bring refugees together to discuss issues facing them.

This Talk-Show brings  together current and former Refugees to discuss and develop better understanding and insight on the situation and struggles of current refugees in Hong Kong. 

Engaging community, promoting active participation in finding pathways and other available alternatives for refugees to explore and benefit from, are the core reason behind this Talk-show.

Through this program, we unite, share experiences, and enhance refugee’s knowledge on their rights, participation and collaboration  in finding a better sustainable solutions for themselves and their community.  Paving ways for a true empowerment that leads to self-reliance.


Bringing Refugees together to discuss burning issues affecting them and engaging them to share in  finding solutions for their problems is a true empowerment that will lead to self-reliance.

We believe that It’s a collective effort of all the stakeholders -including that of Refugees themselves, that will bring true changes and sustainable solutions to today’s global refugee crisis.

Bimonthly events

Our Bi-monthly RefTalk for April -May 2021 is scheduled for 29th May 2021.  Click here to register

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions community are asking are;

First step is get in touch with us through a phone call or mail on our contact page

We have 5 types of membership and each categories varies from the other.

  1.  Refcom membership
  2. Asycom Membership
  3. Ethcom Membership
  4. Locom. Membership
  5. Educom memberships
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