Global Updates on Refugees & Displacement

The Global Compact on Refugees Updates!



Updating Our Understanding Of Who These Individuals Are, Not What They Are As Labeled “Refugees,” Is The First Step To A Change In Our Perspectives. The Truth Is; All Refugees Are Involuntary Migrants Who, Just Like Any Other Migrants, Can Use Their Skills And Knowledge To Support Themselves And Live Independently.
 Most Humanitarian Actors And Charity Organizations Missed Out On This Crystal Truth, that understanding  Who Refugees Are, Not Just What They Are, As Labeled By The Title, Is The First Step To Giving Back True Dignity To Their Shattered Life. Understanding That All Refugees Carry The Treasure And Rich Experiences Possessed By Most Skilled Migrants In The Labor Markets. They(refugees) Are Armed With Adequate Skills And Knowledge To Contribute Positively To Society. When Given Chance, They Can Do Any Types Of Work, Open Businesses, And Create More Employment To Themselves And The Host Community.
We All Have An Obligation To Lobby For A Change. Refugees Deserve Freedom to Live Independently, deserve Proper identification documents To Enable them to do any types of jobs, start-up businesses That Will Enable Them to Attain Self-Reliance. 
This will  Lift Off The Burden From Social Welfare And will bring about social-economic diversity to the host community.
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