Together with Global Humanitarian actors, RePlead HK focuses on finding and creating pathways for refugees to attain self-reliance.
We believe in collaboration, networking, and partnerships to find better resources, as well as devising innovative approaches and creating a sustainable, durable solution together. 
We endeavor to put refugees and the most marginalized individuals to be the main actors, advocates, and drivers of change in matters affecting them and their community.

Impact Stories

"Being Spoon fed and being mere recipients of help made me almost forget how talented I am" AK -Iraq

It feels like a dream, but it’s a reality. I have to accept that I have wasted 7 years without helping myself and the society that hosts me.

All this while, I was thinking I am being helped. Little did I know that I am being taught a vicious dependency….

A Brighter Future — For a teen who learns to build Video games at home

Like any other students, I am stressed about school work and often time very anxious and stressed about school work. However, I  refused to let this affect my determination to be the best app developer that I can be in the near future…..

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